It has been an emotionally hard two weeks for me. We all have those times where life gets rough and it’s just a matter of weathering through. I make it by hanging on to God with an iron grip. Once, during a particularly hard time,  as I sobbed my heart out to him on my futon in the garage (where I’d created my “Jesus Space”) I wrote this “prayer.” Now when I’m feeling overwhelmed I pull it out and read it again. Sometimes, when we’re overwhelmed with “life” we need to be reminded that there’s a different perspective.


You’re everything we need before we ask.
You’re the answers before the questions fall from our lips.
You’re the protection before the enemy attacks.
You’re the provision before the needs tumble out before You and our direction before we come to the fork in the road.
You’re my peace before life hits and my strength before I collapse in weakness.
What’s there to ask?

 That leaves one thing for me to come to You for – You Yourself.
Just the pleasure of You.

You’re my encouragement before the discouragement creeps in.
My safe tower before fears assault.
My rock of strength before the ground crumbles under my feet.
My joy before the tears threaten to wash me away.
Pray? Petition? Cry out? Warfare? Command? Rebuke?

 It’s done – You walk before me.
My place, my desire, my soul purpose of living? To enjoy You, my Beloved.