Five-Star Dining: how to avoid a malnourished spirit – Few of us eat for the sole purpose of staying alive, we eat because God has created us to be able to enjoy our food. Likewise, feeding our spirit should also be a pleasure.
Jesus’ Bridegroom Love for You – Verses to print, cut, and fold in order to draw one each day and hear him personally speaking his love over you.
Life Questionnaire – How is your life currently working out for you? Here are 12 questions that will show you how satisfied you are with your life.
Building – Have you ever struggled with keeping a new habit or resolution? Here is a 6-page, detailed questionnaire I created that will help you pinpoint your unique thought and work patterns so that you can determine your motivations and needs.


The Door With A Handle: How Holy Spirit Turns Your Imagination into Reality – I had no idea that something as simple as using my imagination would open the door to the spiritual realm. I’ll show you: the marvelous reason to open this door, what the Bible says about it, and the difference between your imagination and the spiritual realm.


The Wild Romancer: Uncovering the Romance Jesus Longs to Lavish on You – The Lover of your soul deeply desires to romance you. Learn what it looks like and how to develop an intimate relationship with your Bridegroom, Jesus. He is calling you into intimacy with Him to taste of a love beyond anything you have ever imagined. Learn what the key is to His inner chambers, and how to use it to enter into the Love story to end all love stories.


The Wild Romancer Journey Guide – A companion volume to The Wild Romancer, this is a 12-week personal guide to your own intimacy with Jesus. For those of you who, after reading The Wild Romancer, wanted me to tell you “how to get this relationship for myself” here it is–The Journey Guide!


Jesus Space: Creating Your Own Portal into the Spiritual Realm – By creating a physical and spiritual place to hang out with Jesus you can learn to not only experience Him using your spiritual senses but you can have amazing adventures in the spiritual realm!






I would love to be a part of your women’s retreat, conference, or small group to share how I fell in love with Jesus and how you, too, can know Jesus’ romancing.

If you are interested in having me come, please contact me at


A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimension.
(Oliver Wendell Holmes)