My Spiritual Job Description

There is a whole new world out there in the supernatural with You and I’m going to go explore places and love unknown, hand in hand with You. In the end I will be able to walk in the supernatural to other places and do things that are unbelievable to Christians now.

I’m going where I can do and see and feel things with my Spiritual senses as if they were flesh and bone, wood and stone. I will be able to see and use things of the Kingdom that I never knew existed, gifts You give me and things that You teach me.

I am entering worlds unknown to natural man, to do and see things never before heard of in the physical realm nor the Spiritual realm. I will be able to open doors into the Spiritual and walk through them. I will be able to enter and exit Spiritual planes, pick things up and take them with me or leave things behind. I am becoming a Spiritual traveler.

And it is all to serve two purposes. 1) to grow deeper in intimacy and love with You in a relationship that is incredible. 2) to give You to the world, to show them intimacy and passion with You so they too can have it. Not to teach doctrine, not to inspire them to go off and suffer for You, not to build earthly followings and groupings, not to win huge numbers of the lost, but to affect each person with a pure and holy love for You, and show them how to move in it.

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