Brenda Cobb Murphy



Yes, I am in love with Jesus! Hanging out with him as we laugh and talk and tell jokes, leaning my head on his shoulder and just enjoying him, dancing with him, and walking with him throughout my day have become the norm for me. I’ve learned to use my spiritual senses to experience him and have seen what fun he is, how he makes me laugh, and how he can relate to anything in my life.

Yet my journey with you began when I wanted to know what others were experiencing as they fell in love with Jesus. I was desperate to share stories and learn from people who were enjoying the kind of fun with Jesus that I was.

What I found, though, … Read More


 As a child growing up in Thailand I loved the Sears toy catalog. I would look through it, dream, and play the age-old game of “If you could have anything on this page, what would you choose?”

We as Christians need to share our experiences with each other, and as we do we build our Kingdom Catalog of things that God has for us. If you don’t know it exists, how can you want it? If you don’t know that God will do that, how will you know … Read More


God’s kingdom has no rules, and do you know why God’s kingdom has no rules?  Because God’s kingdom is a person.
(Terry Murphy)