Would the book and Journey Guide work for a Bible study?

Would The Wild Romancer and Journey Guide work for a Bible study or is it too personal?

I think the book would be great to do as a group, but it IS very personal so it might be more fun to do with close friends or as a small group. Each day in the journal is personal, but what would work would be to read the chapter and talk about it together, and then anyone who wanted could share about their individual times with Jesus. I worked through it with a best friend because I wanted to see how it worked and because it was going to be fun to do! So my friend and I would meet and go over our times with Jesus and talk about them. Some were too personal but others were so cool or funny we had to share. We both grew, not only in our relationship with Jesus but in our friendship. I think hearing about other’s experiences with Jesus spurs us on to wanting more, and also shows us ways to get out of our box. It’s amazing how doing the exercises showed me things I wouldn’t have expected about myself. For example, one prompt is to imagine that you’re under water, just floating and enjoying the feel of it, and I found that I was very uncomfortable doing that, I don’t like being under water even with Jesus!