Why do I need the Journey Guide?

Just got the book The Wild Romancer. My friend told me I needed the Journey Guide with it but she didnt explain. Can you tell me what this is all about?

I think what your friend must mean by your needing the journal is that the Journey Guide is what makes the whole book personal to you. After I wrote The Wild Romancer people would tell me, “That’s great, but now you need to write the book that tells us how to get there ourselves.” At first I was in shock and would think to myself, “That’s what this book IS, telling you how to get this relationship with Jesus for yourself!” But then I caught on to what people were wanting. It all sounds good and is exciting but once a person is actually sitting down with Jesus they don’t know what to do, now what? What they wanted to know was how to get past the awkward part of starting out, do you make your mind blank, do you … what? So I wrote the Journey Guide to go along with the book, and what it does is just give you prompts to get your time with Jesus started. It’s fun little things to think about and do that will take away the awkwardness of getting started. In fact they’re so much fun that I’ve worked through it myself, just for the fun of it.

So while the book is good (if I do say so myself) I do believe that the Journey Guide is much more valuable, because it is about your own personal journey.