Starbucks Heaven

Good morning! Yes, I’ve died and gone to heaven. I’m sorry to leave you but this place is AMAZING! It smells like coffee, my drink is the biggest one they make (free one off my card), and I have my laptop and the morning to use it, like for writing you. I’ve learned that from heaven I can still make contact with you. And I had a Panera chocolate pastry that Jan got me when she and Mama ate lunch there yesterday (I must admit, that hurt my soul, having eaten my pinto beans for lunch.). But what a lovely sister to think of me!

So what do you want to know? I’ll answer all your questions. Like, yes, all your pets (that you loved) are here, and guess what?? I actually LIKE pets here, they don’t shed or have to be cleaned up or walked (and I’m totally enjoying seeing Dryphus, our miniature dachshund again). I can answer all your questions, like “How do we access God’s checking account?” Easy, we just never caught onto the hidden principle of it, it’s one of the most hidden nuggets we’re to “search out” because it’s so potent and powerful. Yet it’s so simple, if only I’d known it while living! Up here WE’RE the ones alive, so we don’t refer to you down there as “alive,” we refer to you as “living.” There’s a big difference but it’s hard to explain without words, the languages down there are so limiting.

Here’s a good question I wish I’d known the answer to when I was living. “Why is it so hard to physically heal people, to have the power to sozo them? (“sozo” is the Greek word in the Bible for “saved,” that translates “saved, healed, and delivered.) On earth we’re constantly struggling with this, always grasping for reasons why we can’t just walk around like Jesus and do it, like we must have a closer relationship, or more faith, or “God knows how the power would corrupt us so he’s protecting us,” etc. As humans we assume the reason is always our lack of something, because we can’t blame GOD! What we don’t realize is that the reason isn’t either one, not our lack of something nor that it’s God’s fault. It’s just that the wisdom and understanding of it is so much larger than our human minds, and we have to have Holy Spirit enlarge our understanding to grasp it. While it’s easy to say, “Okay, Holy Spirit, do it!” it doesn’t work that way.

Like linear time, our understanding as humans expands from one place to another. A revelation is like a “pop” of understanding, one that Holy Spirit can drop into our minds and then work to expand, but he is limited by so much in us. Like our choice to expand our thinking, our desire to stretch beyond what we “know and believe,” our pliability in our relationship vs. religion, our willingness to accept ideas outside our “box” or “mural” of Jesus. My husband Terry always said we each have this mural of God, created piece by piece out of experience, teaching, belief, religion, etc., and it creates our picture of God. Only when we’re willing to tear this mural down can we look through and see the REAL God. Often we begin to pull out small pieces of it, looking through the holes and beginning to see some Truth, but sometimes, like for both Terry and myself, God finally just takes his bulldozer and knocks the whole mural down at once!

Anyway, I digress. Sozoing isn’t even one of those nuggets down there to be dug out, he wishes everyone would walk in it, because his heart is for all sickness and disease to be gone. Under the … I don’t know how to put this, the “code” of heaven he can’t just instantly heal everyone on earth (much as he wants to), because evil (through satan) has reign over the earth. God owns the physical earth, hence he can destroy it (flood) or change it, it is his creation (even though fallen, and satan can also impact the physical earth). Yet the spirit on earth, the earth’s spiritual atmosphere, is satans. Without Christians, earth’s spiritual dimension is anti-God. Because of the code of heaven he has to let satan reign on earth until the time is right but until the time is right, God owns territory on earth through his people, the ones that not only belong to him but who choose him. Anyone who has accepted him belongs to him, but it’s the ones who CHOOSE him in a love relationship, who choose to do what makes his heart happy—those are the ones who God can move through on earth. Of course he’s not totally limited to us, otherwise he’d be sunk! But we play a huge part in his invading satan’s territory. So it’s not that everyone who is a Christian instantly walks around doing miracles and healing everyone, but those who choose to do it out of their love for God. Having the wrong motives isn’t the reason it “doesn’t work” for us, that’s just to describe the ones who totally belong to him and that he can use.

I don’t know how to put this, oh! words are so limiting!! The big thing I’ve learned in the short time I’ve been here in heaven is that the earth and non-believers belong to satan, we, by our choices (Adam and Eve) abdicated it to him. But once we truly choose God, that changes. We now belong to God, and on the earth that makes tiny, powerful, spots of God in the midst of satan’s realm. Okay, imagine a sheet of totally black paper. That is earth belonging to satan. Now, make dozens of pin pricks in that paper and shine a flashlight behind it. Those pricks of light are us, where we’ve taken the darkness back. So it’s not like we’re just lights in the darkness, penetrating it, NO! The holes in the paper are because the paper is gone from that spot. We’ve actually recovered the darkness back for God, we’ve claimed that territory back. That’s why he says that in the Bible about two or more gathered together—not because one isn’t as important (he hears and acts even on one prayer and person) but because the more pinpricks together the larger the redeemed earth, the brighter the light, and the more “collective” power in that place, a “power spot.” We talk about a “portal,” that’s where the light is brighter because there is more than one light, the collective light is more powerful against satan’s darkness. The thing is, the brighter the light the more territory we’re taking back. Again, not just shining INTO the darkness but TAKING OVER the darkness (he likes the word “overcoming”). This concept is huge when you’re living on earth, to be able to grasp the difference in pushing back and overcoming.

If we were just pushing back the darkness we’d just be repressing others, but we’re not! We’re actually taking darkness and turning it into light, just by our glory, our “aura” we carry by Holy Spirit living within us. That’s why people aren’t repressed by our light but they’re engulfed by it, when it touches them something in their spirit actually changes, responding to us. And here’s the thing. If we’re really walking in love, then their spirit will always respond positively to our light. When we see a negative response it’s not them, it’s a demonic response, a response from evil. A human soul and spirit were created to respond to love—that’s why even a compliment without mentioning God causes a person’s soul and spirit to smile, to warm them. But a negative response comes from the darkness of belonging to satan.

It’s so important to realize that “who” a person is isn’t their physical body at all, it’s their soul and spirit. The physical is really nothing more than the container for the other two. And living on earth, we must have a container to carry our eternal soul/spirit. Being here in heaven without my container is glorious!! We have a body but here it’s not a “container” at all, it’s truly a part of our “trinity,” how we’re made in his image, three in one—body, soul, & spirit. But there on earth, unfortunately, our body is merely a container to carry the other two. It didn’t start out that way, but sin changed our body into the physical, dying, container–the carrier, our “transportation.” And how limiting it is!! Not only that, we judge each other merely by the container! It’s totally INSANE that we do that! The one part of us that isn’t important, and that’s the one aspect we totally focus everything on! Crazy!

It’s like, now that I’m here, I can see how unbelievably backwards we have it down there! Jesus gets really excited when someone who belongs to him is “getting” it! Yes, the container is important, because we can’t exist on earth without it, and we need it healthy and strong to be able to walk how he wants us to walk out our life. If our container is sickly and weak, or unhealthy or uncomfortable or distracting us, how much harder is it to focus on what counts—our soul and spirit? It’s constantly distracting us from who he created us to be, who we want to be to carry our light overcoming the darkness! Not “banishing” it, but consuming it! We are the “darkness eaters.” And satan hates it. His all-consuming hatred for us is beyond words. If we only understood how much we walk in God’s protection, without it satan would have destroyed us long ago. So our container IS really important, without it we can’t exist here, but it’s nothing but that—our transport, our shell. Think crab or turtle. And we focus so much on it. On earth you have to learn how to care for the REAL you, who you really are, that part that matters SO much more than your shell. The part that is eternal, that we’ll take with us when we move on into eternity.

In the same way that our skin is our container, the earth is another version of a container, one that was created to hold our container like a garage for a car. In heaven there aren’t physical containers, there isn’t physical here at all. God’s idea was the physical as something beautiful and eternal to surround our spirit and soul with. So he made our body to hold who we are, and the earth to hold our bodies, and made them beautiful and pleasurable. Too bad we ruined it.

On no! I’ve just realized something—I’M NOT IN HEAVEN!!! Oh, that totally sucks! It’s just Starbucks. Darn, I might have gotten us some really good answers to our questions. Bummer.

Since I’m not in heaven I’m going to have to work. I hope your day goes well. Sorry again that I’m not in heaven and can’t answer your questions. Wish Terry would email ME! Before he died we had agreed that whoever went first would answer the other’s questions, but so far he’s been frustratingly silent.

I’m off,


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