Trust Issues

As I ate breakfast this morning I thought about some trust issues that had surfaced recently. I got to wondering what, exactly, I trust Jesus for. Here’s my list:

  1. I trust him to be there for me through all my days, through joys and sorrows, when I need emotional support, companionship, and spiritual protection and help.
  2. I trust him always to have my good in mind.
  3. I trust that he will take all my sorrows and suffering and use them for my good.

Okay, that’s pretty general and generic. Surely I can do better than that!

What about as a bridegroom? Do I trust him as my Bridegroom? What does a husband do?

  • He serves me.
  • He loves, treasures, and cherishes me above all else.
  • He protects me, whether from mice, bad weather, or danger.
  • He confides in me and trusts me to keep his secrets.
  • He provides for me a place of security, safety, and rest.
  • He protects me from other people, their prying eyes and invasiveness. He provides me with privacy.
  • He supports me as my provider.
  • He shares his heart, his dreams, his hopes, his vulnerable places.
  • He provides me with pleasure and expects pleasure from me.
  • He wants to be with me and enjoys my company.
  • He expects me to bring him good, to represent him with dignity.
  • He expects me to understand his heart, to cry with him and laugh with him.
  • He wants me to see and love him first as my Beloved.
  • He wants me to go leaping and skipping with him over the mountains ministering with him to the world.
  • We should be able to communicate as only lovers can, heart to heart and eye to eye, understanding each glance and expression.
  • He wants to get to know me more intimately and for me to get to know him intimately, for the two of us to become one.

 Okay, that’s better.

So, it’s summed up in this:

He shields me and protects me without smothering.

He serves without making me feel helpless.

He protects me without keeping me prisoner.

He provides for me without strings.

He supports me without being controlling.

He is vulnerable without being weak.

He wants companionship and love without demanding all my time and attention.

He wants my undivided attention and waits patiently for it.

He wants me to trust him with everything, to give him my life so he can love and take care of me, yet doesn’t demand my freedom.

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