To Draw – Words From Jesus to You

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To Draw - Words From Jesus to You (40 downloads)
Years ago I thought up a wonderful idea to remind myself of how much Jesus loves me. I combed the Bible to find any verses that speak of God’s love to us as his bride. Then I printed them on pretty paper, cut them apart (I have a paper cutter), and folded them into fourths. After buying a pretty box to hold them, every day I would draw a verse that was Jesus personally speaking of his love for me. Here are 33 pages of verses ready to print and cut apart. I did this for three years and loved hearing from Jesus every day. Some of them made me laugh and I’d tease him about them (like how my hair is like goats). Some are repeated in different versions of the Bible to give a new flavor to the words, but as you draw one and read it, let Jesus’ love for you flow from him to you as you take the time to feel his love and love him back. Enjoy!