Three Things About Jesus & Me

Today I drew “Each one has to tell three things about themselves.” Usually as I sit and eat we just talk about what I drew, but today I just pulled my pad and pen over and started the fun. I told him he can’t tell me the usual stuff that everyone knows, like that he loves me. :) So he started with telling me “I am passionate about my creation!” Not great, but I accepted that one. So I told him “I secretly wish I were a right-brained artsy person.” We laughed over that one. I went again, having thought of another one. “I love the idea and looks of puzzles more than actually working them, but don’t tell anybody.” So he told me “I have a thing about hair.” I had to laugh on that one, but I kind of knew that, as in Bettie Ann’s dream about him several years ago where he was playing with her hair and saying, “I made this! I can’t believe it’s so beautiful. I made it!” A while back I found in Songs 7:5 this verse and sent it to her, “Your hair is like royal tapestry; the king is held captive by its tresses.” I love that! So, he loves hair. Now it was my turn. I told him, “I still want to take ballet lessons.”

So now it was Jesus’ turn again. He told me he liked picnics, but I wouldn’t let him get away with that one. “I already know you like picnics, you’ll have to do better than that.” So he said, “I enjoy the beach even better than gardens.” That totally surprised me, and I had to think on that one. Who would have thought, after all the garden stuff in the Bible. Now that was something I didn’t know. But then I got to thinking about it, and he loved the Sea of Galilee and it’s shore, and he didn’t have a good experience in the garden. :) Not that that means he doesn’t like gardens, but it was just something interesting to think about. So we got to talking, and it kind of went like this.

Me: “Does the beach intimidate you?”

“I’m awed by it.”

But they’re (the oceans) so tiny for you.”

“It’s a perspective. I’ve seen it as man, and wow! I amaze myself.”

Me: “The size, depth, and solidness of the oceans, they’re full of mystery, treasure, and death. It represents something too big to understand and control. Its fullness is unconquerable. Looking at the ocean puts us in perspective and it must be amazing to see it as a man and also as God. Somehow imagining it and the world and universe as God takes away from its wonder – doesn’t it just become a marble and puddles and…how can you appreciate it and how incredible it is from the God perspective?”

“Read the end of Job and see how we see it.”

I did. “Wow! That part of Job has always blown me away but today it’s amazing to see your viewpoint on your own creation. I’ve just assumed that you’re so much bigger, it’s that worm thing. Creation and us are nothing compared to your size and glory. You’ve been both on the outside looking in and the inside looking out, so you really know it from both perspectives. No wonder you said you were passionate about creation, those chapters were definitely written by a creation-passionate God!

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