Ten Things I Love About Jesus

  1. Your sense of humor—bigtime—You are so much fun to hang out with, so funny, silly, goof-off. How can You be so hilarious?! You totally crack me up.
  2. You’re so romantic! So tender, loving, attentive—the glance of your eyes, your touch, just the way you look at me. Such a tenderness, I feel how you treasure me.
  3. Your spontaneity. Anytime and anywhere you’re up for a laugh, for fun, for hanging out.
  4. Your availability. Wherever and whenever.
  5. Your supernatural-ness—it brings everything to the table—there are no limits to you—in any way.
  6. Your heart—for me, for everyone. The deep compassion and love—the depth of you and your love.
  7. Your cheerfulness—you’re always laughing and teasing, whether it’s at me, with me, or at circumstances—you change my world into pleasure.
  8. Your dependability—the security of your love and presence. You are definitely my strong tower, though I see you more as my invisible best friend.
  9. Your beauty—of Spirit, of soul
  10. That the King of Kings wants to not only hang out with me but that you love me so much you mask your glory and majesty so I’m not overwhelmed and intimidated by it.

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