My Life Questionnaire (2001)

1)  If I died tomorrow what would I be sorry I hadn’t done?

Written more, and spent more time with Jesus. (Terry – “eaten all the chocolate candy in the drawer.”)

2)  What do I enjoy doing? (spiritual or abstract will be tolerated but try to come up with something more physical.)

Playing computer games, reading, writing, shopping Goodwill and used book stores. I discovered that I enjoy the idea of some things but in the end don’t enjoy the actual activity as much as the idea, for example, exercising. I love to collect the videos, step, clothing, books, weights, treadmill, etc, but when it comes down to actually doing it I don’t get around to it.

3)  Am I getting that enjoyment often? Regularly?

Not much.

4)  What do I feel guilty over in my daily life?

Not spending enough time with God, exercising, or writing.

5)  What do I need to spend more time on? (Spiritually and nonspiritually.)

Time with God, exercise, writing. I need to use my time more wisely.

6)  What do I want to spend more time on? (Spiritually and nonspiritually.)

Writing, exercising, and time with God. Affecting people more.

7)  What areas do I see in my life that I need to change? (for example, procrastination, perfection, intolerance)

I’m too focused on the details, and it’s very hard for me to see the big picture. (T and I were going to Tenn. and I saw a hose on the side of the road, like a dryer hose. I studied it as we went by and commented to Terry that someone lost a hose but it was a strange hose. He asked me if I’d seen the wreck with all the police cars, and I hadn’t because I was so focused on the hose.)

I have an intolerance for people I don’t like and things I’m not interested in. A tendency to make what I think more important than people’s hearts.

I need more compassion for people.

I need less fear of man.

I want more self-discipline.

I have a tendency to want everything to be perfect before I do anything, so I don’t get it done. To write or spend time with God I wait for a large chunk of time, when I’m alone, etc., instead of tackling it a little at a time. I set my goals too high.

8)  What are five dreams I would fulfill if it were possible? (without considering cost or training, just for the fun of it.)

Be a ballet dancer, a published writer, a speaker to women about Jesus, an artist. The ability to move in the Spiritual realm easily to affect the world.

9)  How do I rate my satisfaction with my life now?


10)  What keeps that from being a 10?

Financial struggles, work, no time, the famous 3 (time with God, exercise, and writing)

11)  What do I want/enjoy right now out of a spiritual life? (We all go through seasons of needing different things, or times when God puts a particular aspect of Himself on our hearts.) Be specific. (For example: more Father love, revelations/insights, acceptance, intimacy, spiritual understanding, chance to teach/preach/minister/pray for others, etc.)

I enjoy intimacy with Jesus, learning more about the spiritual realm so I can move in it, and getting more insight into spiritual things.

12)  If I rewarded myself with something “special,” a physical treat, what would it be?

Tiramisu at Joseph Beth (bookstore with a café), a vanilla/hazelnut latte from Starbucks


My time definitely needs to be organized around my three priorities, writing, time with Jesus, and exercise.

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