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I like this magazine cover of a man worshiping. I get a lot of questions about how men relate to Jesus as their Bridegroom. Loving Jesus as our Bridegroom is for men and women alike as we are all his bride, and in the end men, too, will make up Jesus’ bride.

Men can have the same intimacy with Jesus that women do, and it’s not a “sexual” thing (see also my article on “Is Loving Our Bridegroom Jesus Sexual?”), it’s a “married” thing, that soulmate/knowing each other intimacy, that laughing and talking and sharing your heart. It’s catching their eye across the room and knowing what they’re thinking. Did you know that the word for “bride” in the Bible means “son’s wife” or “daughter-in-law”? We use the word “bride” to mean engaged, but in God’s eyes we’re already married. In the Jewish culture to be engaged was as binding as being married, hence Joseph being able to divorce Mary because she was pregnant, even though the wedding hadn’t officially happened (as ours in heaven hasn’t yet happened).

Many men have this intimacy with Jesus as his bride, and many times they’re often worship leaders, because a worship leader, to truly lead people into the inner courts, must grow closer and closer to Jesus in intimacy. Look at David Ruis’ song “True Love,” Evan Earwicker’s “Dance With Me,” Kevin Prosch’s “I’m in Love With You,” and Paul Wilbur singing “Dance With Me.”

While men generally prefer to live the adventurous, dragon-slaying side of the Christian life, there are now more men than ever who are falling in love with Jesus and identifying with the disciple John. Women crave romance and a heart-to-heart relationship, we crave being pursued for ourselves just because someone loves us beyond anything else, so I believe it is easier for women to relate to being a bride, but I’ve known of many men in love with Jesus.

Man worshipingI geared my book The Wild Romancer towards both men and women, putting a quote by a man about loving Jesus at the beginning of each chapter. Here is something a man wrote after reading it:

If you are a Christian man and want to experience more adventure and excitement in your life, then read this book. If you have ever felt God’s presence come upon you and you are hungry for more of Him, then read this book. If you are tired of the same old routines, and think there has got to be a better way, then read this book. You can wait until you get to heaven to experience a real, exciting friendship with Jesus, or you can read this book and see that it is possible to experience heaven on earth today.     J.

The “Afterward” in The “Wild Romancer” is written by my husband Terry, who talks about not only being married to a woman in love with Jesus but about being a man with his own passion for his Bridegroom Jesus. He had danced with Jesus and experienced a closeness with him, yet they mostly hung out as guys. He had enjoyed doing things with Jesus spiritually, not necessarily physically, for example, they’d played golf together. Intimacy with Jesus isn’t about sexual things nor is it just girly stuff like hugging, it’s doing things together, having fun, telling jokes, hanging out, just BEING together!

Here are some responses I’ve gotten from men about loving Jesus:

Your love for Jesus is something I am really reaching out for. I don’t know Him like you do yet but it stirs something deep in my spirit. I want to give Him the space and the time in my life so I can really know Him face to face right now, not just as an act of faith.     P.

I am a man. Does that pose a problem? Can I share the same intimacy with Jesus like you do? I must say, as I read the afterward by Brother Terry, I was cleared of most the doubts and fears that I had. Your frank and true statements have broken the hindrances of fear and doubt that had held me back from progressing further.     J.

Dear Brenda, I was so excited to find your site, I began having “intimacy times” with Jesus while I was away in the summer, I felt to return home and share these with friends and previous congregation members (I was a Pentecostal Pastor for 10 yrs) people are listening to me albeit with a degree of skepticism, the doubters are asking from where I got this information or who’s book I have read, I told them truthfully that the Holy Spirit led me into this, your writings and your site are more confirmation that I have not “lost it.” I have read everything your site has to offer and if it is any comfort to you, the same information came to me through revelation, I look forward to receiving your book/s and hope that your site continues, I noted with a laugh that you address your writings to women, I am a man who is in love with Jesus, blessing to you and your husband.     D.

Mike Bickle talks about falling in love with Jesus in his book “The Pleasures of Loving God.” He had been stunned after an incredible experience in his office culminating with God telling him “that the message of the Song of Solomon would become the focus of my life and ministry for the rest of my life.” He goes on to say, “I have to confess that my first emotional reaction was one of dismay. The Song of Solomon seemed to me to be about roses and beauty and fragrance and flowers. I thought to myself, This is horrible! It was a love song, and I was actually a little bit discouraged about being called to proclaim this message for the rest of my life.

I even prayed, “Lord, I’m a boxer’s son. I’m a tough guy’s son! And now I’m called to be a bride of Christ guy? …

At the time I didn’t understand the significance of this message and ministry focus. I asked the Lord to give me a different type of ministry focus. I wanted a message that was more masculine. I suggested to God something deep and powerful like the Book of Romans, the Book of Revelation or the life of David. I wanted God to give me something that was manly! I figured that it would be better for God to give the Song of Solomon to a woman’s ministry.

But in time, God changed my mind about this. I have learned that being the bride of Christ transcends gender. Indeed, men are the bride of Christ just as women are the sons of God. The bride describes a position of privilege and of nearness to the heart of God. It is an invitation to experience deep intimacy with God. Many men of God in the Bible walked in this exalted privilege of intimacy with God.”

Brent Curtis and John Eldredge talk about this relationship in their book, “The Sacred Romance.” “We are lovers. The courtship that began with a honeymoon in the Garden culminates in the wedding feast of the Lamb. ‘I will take delight in you,’ He says to us, ‘as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so I will rejoice over you,’ so that we might say in return, ‘I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me.’”

This relationship as the bride of Christ is for all of us, though it isn’t a necessary one, we’re allowed to choose what our relationship with Jesus is. If you want this intimacy with Jesus all you have to do is ask, and keep asking, let him know that you’re serious. Pursue him and he’ll show up, and one day you’ll realize that you have a passion for him that is all-consuming, and you’ll never be the same.