An Interview with Jesus

Today I decided to pick a subject and interview Jesus.

Q:  What is the greatest way the church has misrepresented You to the world?

A:  My heart and compassion for the hurting. It’s as if from day one they don’t get it. That no matter what you do for a living, what your life and circumstances are, however you walk through your life, people are the most important. I wish people could see what treasures they are, and I have depended on my church to show them, but it hasn’t worked that way. My beautiful people are still lost, broken, wounded, lonely—yet no one is loving them, or at least letting them know that I love them. Love heals. That’s the most important lesson the church could learn—love heals. All the things that men seek, even as Christians, would come if they could love with my love. If they had that love, my love, nothing would be out of their reach. They could do anything, but with love it’s people that matter, money matters only in how it affects people, miracles matter only in how they affect people. If my creation, so detailed and perfect, could only know how they’re loved, and could experience my love through me and my church, then it would change everything. But with satan fighting against it and man’s free will and self-centeredness, it’s really difficult. I have a hard time with it. Free will and self-centeredness are a filter that makes moving in and with me really difficult. I understand it being that way, in that man was created with a strong self, and with the veil now between us that strong self is out of kilter, unbalanced, and it skews man’s perceptions of things. But Holy Spirit is there to bring the balance back, that control of the spirit over the self. The more Holy Spirit is allowed to steer, the greater the return to the original balance and relationship, and the more of my love can be experienced.

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