A “Kingdom Catalog”


As a child growing up in Thailand I loved the Sears toy catalog. I would look through it, dream, and play the age-old game of “If you could have anything on this page, what would you choose?” At that time, two things caught my eye that I wanted desperately, stilts and a unicycle. I showed the stilts to our gardener, Khun Lo, who then made me a pair out of wood. Though clumsy and large, they worked, and I loved them. Later, in boarding school, a friend came back from the States with a beautiful Schwinn unicycle, and while it took me nine months I eventually learned to ride it.

 My sister Jan coined a term that I love: Kingdom Catalog, meaning God’s catalog of wonderful things he wants to give us. We as Christians need to share our experiences with each other, and as we do we build our Kingdom Catalog of what is available to us. If you don’t know it exists, how can you want it? If you don’t know that God will do that, how will you know to expect it? The more we “show and tell” each other what God is saying and doing, the larger our catalog is, and God is delighted to give us gifts. With this website I am hoping to expand your Kingdom Catalog, so you can say, “God, I want this too! Do this for me!”